Remembering YOU

We’re just going to give it to you girl….YOU RULED LONDON …The BAFTAs were not prepared for you or your fans for that matter…they took over that place and made it Kristen Stewart Day Parade…they represented baby love…for those of us that could not be there

Then came ELLE….and my my look who quiet down the talkers….who’s ELLE Woman of the Year? (exactly)

Oh and don’t think we didn’t see you chatting it up and checking out the collection at BURBERRY PROSUM…show stoppin, you show show stoppin

But doll face none surprised us LESS than seeing you at the Remember Me premiere (oh my gawd you did whaaa?)

Hello Sweet Face

I’m sorry….was i not supposed to come?

Erm…hell YES…no one owns you (as much as Ruth may want to), you own yourself!

Seeing you there made us laugh out loud…you know…like this

I mean why on hell would you not be there? After all, isn’t Rob like one of your closest “friends”? What did THEY expect? (and by THEY we mean the narrow minded of course…yup…the ones that live in a frying pan, the ones whose teeth cringe at the thought of your name…yeah those)…this was after all his first major film premiere outside of Twilight…why would YOU, the closest thing to him outside of TomStu (whom w adore) not be there to support him? Yup, we don’t get it either, but whatevs…

We’re not writing to talk about Remember Me or Robert Pattinson or TomStu’s sneakers (oh yeah we noticed and we love him)…we’re here to talk about YOU. Allow us to recap…

First we noticed this

It’s the hair right?

Um…YES! Always! and the face and the body (hold up we’re getting ahead of ourselves)…

Then we saw this

Got distracted…someone caught my eye…you were saying?

That stuff started tingling for us. We get that way when we look at pictures of you

Let us just say…we get this look and we LOVE this look, the messy runway styled hair CHIC, the turned inside out shirt with the signature Stew knot HOT, the short leather jacket FIERCE…the shoes…please…anything supporting those legs is just FEROCIOUS….and that’s where we’ll stop

Because then we zoomed in on these

And now we have a question for Tara….What the hell are those pants? I mean we know they’re Burberry Prosum and all but dude…they’re frightening (with nothing further)

Trust it took some yummy pictures of you and a few vodka tonics later to forget the pants…in fact we don’t remember them (we don’t want to)


And now comes the Oscars

What will you wear? Will it be Sergio Rossi? or J Mendel? or Valentino? or Oscar De La Renta?…heck, who cares…it don’t matter, because this will still be us regardless…

We can’t wait to see you hand out your first statuette…you know…the one you’ll take home one day (fo sho!). So while we wait…we want you to know…we’re remembering YOU baby love!


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