Appreciating History – The only way we know how

Where to begin with this letter…Only a handful of things makes us go ahhh…ohhhhh…oooooo…woooooow and those that do always include you.

 Seeing this left us speechless, breathless, lifeless…get the point?

Yeah…I look ok

Um…OK? You are more than OK….you are EXQUISITE…in every possible imaginable way! But we get it…it’s your modest self speaking. Your ‘I don’t want it to be about me’ self…but guess what baby love…on Sunday night, for US, it was about YOU! We saw no one else on that red carpet…we didn’t want to…we didn’t care to

Our poor little hearts could not contain the excitement of watching this

(psst…we still have not recovered)

Seeing you on the red carpet was out of this freaking world. We jumped up and down and switched from channel to channel like morons trying to get as many glimpses from you as possible….all while saying (out loud)

Strike a pose Stew…for us…Strike a pose

We imagned your response as something like this

You bitches are kidding me right?
And while THAT look terrified us more than the thought of burning in hell…we insisted…come on Stew strike a pose for us?

I don't strike poses you idiots...i just walk and just comes natural

Oh come on…you know you can rock that red carpet like you’re rocking that Joan Jett inspired guitar in The Runaways…let’s go we want to see you bring it

Um…o….k….don’t try sooooo hard had my attention for like two seconds...good bye now

NOOOOO we’re sorry…forgive us…(Brianne you sapper look what you’ve done)….don’t go…we’re stupid fools who can’t contain themselves over your FIERCENESS

Go on...i don't have all day...this is the Oscars for crying out loud!

 Your Oscar’s presence showed us how humbled you were by the occasion…how you felt the moment was bigger than you…and we’re not basing that soly on this picture

Walking and looking down nothing else

Walking and looking down nothing else

But to us baby love it showed us you’re REAL…a real human being with feelings and emotions…one who understood where she was and appreciated it…we’re humbled by YOU

And all the while nothing, NOTHING prepared us for this

I mean can we just take a moment to say…WOW… pure perfection    

Yeah that's my buddy Tay...i love him

   And we love him….JUST because you love him!

   You see baby love…Sunday night was not just another Kristen Stewart premiere night for us, it was the freaking OSCARS…seeing you there on Oscar stage….was history in the making for us…something worth remembering for years to come. We are proud of you…not many actors get to be where you are & have the resume you have, to have worked with fantastic people like Jodie and Sean and Meryl (oh wait sorry that was us wishing out loud) is not something most 19 year old actors in Hollywood can really say they’ve done. We are 100% confident this is just the begining of Oscar Stew…we WILL see you there someday giving your acceptance speech.

And now that we’ve got that out, could you please guide us through the rest of the night

Vanity Fair eh

They said i should go so

By “they” you mean Ruth right….this may be one of those few times we agree with her

Can you tell us what exactly is going on here?

Tay wanted to take a look at my make-up, get some ideas…some role he’s playing

Huh…interesting…what about here

Someone said Justin Bieber was coming so i yelled…DONT LET HIM IN

Not fond of him either eh

I don’ think we need to ask about this one

Jodie Foster 101…what’s not to learn from her

Exactly! So where does this leave us baby love…we’ve officially entered the Stewzone as this is Stewmadness month…we are eagered for The Runaways and can’t wait to hear what you’ll do next. Until then bye bye for now.


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Remembering YOU

We’re just going to give it to you girl….YOU RULED LONDON …The BAFTAs were not prepared for you or your fans for that matter…they took over that place and made it Kristen Stewart Day Parade…they represented baby love…for those of us that could not be there

Then came ELLE….and my my look who quiet down the talkers….who’s ELLE Woman of the Year? (exactly)

Oh and don’t think we didn’t see you chatting it up and checking out the collection at BURBERRY PROSUM…show stoppin, you show show stoppin

But doll face none surprised us LESS than seeing you at the Remember Me premiere (oh my gawd you did whaaa?)

Hello Sweet Face

I’m sorry….was i not supposed to come?

Erm…hell YES…no one owns you (as much as Ruth may want to), you own yourself!

Seeing you there made us laugh out loud…you know…like this

I mean why on hell would you not be there? After all, isn’t Rob like one of your closest “friends”? What did THEY expect? (and by THEY we mean the narrow minded of course…yup…the ones that live in a frying pan, the ones whose teeth cringe at the thought of your name…yeah those)…this was after all his first major film premiere outside of Twilight…why would YOU, the closest thing to him outside of TomStu (whom w adore) not be there to support him? Yup, we don’t get it either, but whatevs…

We’re not writing to talk about Remember Me or Robert Pattinson or TomStu’s sneakers (oh yeah we noticed and we love him)…we’re here to talk about YOU. Allow us to recap…

First we noticed this

It’s the hair right?

Um…YES! Always! and the face and the body (hold up we’re getting ahead of ourselves)…

Then we saw this

Got distracted…someone caught my eye…you were saying?

That stuff started tingling for us. We get that way when we look at pictures of you

Let us just say…we get this look and we LOVE this look, the messy runway styled hair CHIC, the turned inside out shirt with the signature Stew knot HOT, the short leather jacket FIERCE…the shoes…please…anything supporting those legs is just FEROCIOUS….and that’s where we’ll stop

Because then we zoomed in on these

And now we have a question for Tara….What the hell are those pants? I mean we know they’re Burberry Prosum and all but dude…they’re frightening (with nothing further)

Trust it took some yummy pictures of you and a few vodka tonics later to forget the pants…in fact we don’t remember them (we don’t want to)


And now comes the Oscars

What will you wear? Will it be Sergio Rossi? or J Mendel? or Valentino? or Oscar De La Renta?…heck, who cares…it don’t matter, because this will still be us regardless…

We can’t wait to see you hand out your first statuette…you know…the one you’ll take home one day (fo sho!). So while we wait…we want you to know…we’re remembering YOU baby love!


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Why Letters2Kristen?

The obvious doesn't need explaining

Why Not?

First, let’s get something straight….we admire everything about this girl E V E R Y T H I N G….but we are not your typical Kristen Stewart blog.…while we adore her and consider her Super Fabulous….we WILL give it to her straight….we WILL tell her the good, the bad and the ugly! The bunch of us running this joint share one thing in common….we’re weak for Stew! Yup only one thing because we are opinionated as hell and can’t seem to agree on much except Divine! (get used to it….we use many names for Stew…all short and none worthy of what she really is).

L2K is our way to publicly tell Kristen how we feel about her.…how we’ve watched her films zillions of times and yet can’t remember who else is in them because only she catches our attention, how we love her ‘i don’t care about fashion’ style, how we flew to one of her premieres to get a glimpse of her and all we got was a wave, how that made us so mad we elbowed our way out of there, how Ruth makes us angry everytime she pops up in an interview, how we will punch the hell out of a nonster for her (oh yeah we know about those fools), how we can care less who she dates as long as he (or she) makes her happy, how she’s got her head on straighter than some 40 year olds we know, how she freaking rules man, how this list so endless stopping now seems like a good idea.

Of course, there’ll be your usual ‘wow look how awesome you looked at The Runaways premiere’ letter.…but while we tell her how we salivated over pictures of her on the red carpet, we will also tell her how the pants she wore to the Remember Me premiere gave us nightmares for days….like what where you thinking…. the 15th century called, did you steal their curtains?(one of us is real cheesy sorry in advance).

And oh yeah….we’ll also tell her how we feel about that Pattinson guy.…yeah that one!Are they, aren’t they….do YOU want their first born?

All in all we hope Kristen reads our letters and is at least amused by them!


*Oh and by the way, we are in no way, shape or form affiliated with Letters To Twilight or Letters To Rob (yeah we know about them)….they have their opinions and we have ours!*
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